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Prepping your baby

  • Please fully feed your baby right before I'm due to arrive

  • Before your session try giving your baby nice warm bath

  • Keep your baby in a warm blanket while they only wear a diaper.   Please don't have them in an outfit.  

  • No socks as they leave ugly marks on their feet

  • Even if your baby doesn't typically use a pacifier, I ask that you have one handy during your session as they serve as a wonderful distraction for the baby during the session while Im posing them.

  • Every baby is different and so each pose will vary with each session.  I will never force a baby into any pose it doesn't feel comfortable doing. 

  • Don't use any lotions or oils on the baby hair before the session

  • If your baby has a lot of hair have a brush handy incase we need it. 


Prepping your home

  • Depending on your package your session will take 1-3 hours 

  • Please have the temperature in your home between 75-77 degrees

  • If you want your baby to wear outfits then its crucial to have that warm temperature. 

  • Using a small heater in the room we will be using is a good idea so that your house stays cools in the other rooms.

  • I need space to set up. The backdrop stand is between 7-9 feet wide.  I also need 5-6 feet in front of the backdrop to shoot.

  • Please try to do your part in warming your your home and that your baby is fully fed so they cooperate.  

  • If you have a 2 story home we will do your session on the 1st floor as there is too many items to carry upstairs including a bin that is over 50lbs.

  • If you have any pets in your home please vacuum or mop the area where we will set up.

  • Try leaving if possible an area outside open for me to easily unload.   


What to wear

(if your package comes with family photos)

  • Avoid wearing heavy warm clothes as it will be warm in your home.

  • Family photos are done at the very end of your session

  • Family photos are done from the waist up only.  You will be on your knees. I do bring kneepads to use while we do your family photos.

  • If you're unable to be on your knees please select to do lifestyle images instead of posed ones

  • Mom and Dad- I want all the focus to be on the connection with your new baby.  Therefore, I suggest a simple black, white, or grey solid top.  I would suggest avoiding busy prints just as they are more distracting

  • I can't fix overgrown roots, chipped nail polish, and wrinkled clothes. 

  • Avoid long earrings or necklaces

  • Make sure shirts are ironed. 

  • Siblings- I suggest wearing solid colors.  Baby will be wrapped so that the (young) sibling(s) can easily and safely hold the baby while laying on the fur. 

  • If there is older siblings (tweens and teens) they will be posed holding the baby instead of laying down. 


Other info

Please remember that taking your own pictures during the session is not permitted as stated in your contract. Just relax and let me capture some beautiful images of your new baby.


You are allowed to take behind the scene photos with me in it.  I love when my clients share their behind the scene photos of me working with your baby.

I will wear a mask when I'm working close with your baby.  You are welcome to wear a mask but if you don't want to I do ask to keep your distance so that we are all safe.  This helps me stay healthy so that I can do your session and not share germs with your baby and the next baby. 

Your images will be ready within 2 weeks.

Yay! Your baby is here and we just scheduled your session.   You should complete your questionnaire as soon as possible.  
How to prepare for your newborn session.

Behind the scene photos and the final edited image 

©Rosalinda Photography
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